About Sanni Group

Established in 2019 by Mr. Sanni, our firm is built out of pure travel enthusiasm and aspirations of our founder. Unlike our other competitors, the Sanni Group is slowly spreading its roots throughout the Middle East as the leading travel and tourism, visa, and luxury rental car company. We work with clear visions, sharp aims, and strong focus and are one of the best firms in this field. We are working towards becoming the most trustworthy organisations who want to ensure the ultimate outcome and best user experience in the industry.

We deal with the proper visions, aims, and focus of the best in the field, as we want to ensure the best outcome and stand alone in the industry. Our team’s high spirits and professionalism will make them the best choice to serve the customers and fulfill their how, where, and when questions with ease. Sanni Group is one of the few travel and tourism companies that have succeeded in high places in the industry in the Middle East. Our constant hard work, planning, and aim on the vision board have been the reason for our offering of unequaled customer service.

With SANNI GROUP you’re in safe hands!

All our office staff have a passion for travel and adventure all of which means we know how to give you the best experience when you travel with us. That’s not all. In their former lives, our team members have been professional guides, drivers, travel agents and we use our expertise to give you the very best adventure possible. Extensive planning, research, fact-finding and training are just some of the ways this expertise comes through in your adventure. It is no exaggeration to say that our tour leaders can make a world of difference to the enjoyment of your holiday – so we choose them carefully. The result is that, in 2020, 97% of travelers said they would recommend us to a friend. Where possible, we train and employ local leaders because they can provide invaluable insights that enrich the trip. What’s more, this investment in local staff really helps us benefit both them and their community.


Our Mission

Our primary goal is to provide the best travel packages in Dubai and true value for our customers' money. To provide an enduring memory for our customers, we serve them with excellent and professional service and skilled knowledge about the current industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the world’s most recognized and trusted travel group in the travel industry. With this vision, Sanni Group strives to make it possible for its customers to visit any corner of the world through its quality service in the field of travel and tourism.

Our Values

We’re committed to going the extra mile to ensure you have a great experience with us. We want to give you a full and fair picture of every culture and idea of the place you visit hence ensuring all your safety and stressful.

A Whole World on a Sanni group

“The SANNI Group, comprised of group firms in the UAE, is a market leader that offers all travel, tourism, visa, and luxury rental vehicle services on one platform.The Middle Eastern markets for tourism and allied industries are where our company is growing. We have demonstrated our strength in the international market, particularly in the travel and tourism industries, which cater to all client needs and have had rapid expansion in recent years. The fact that our company can support international travel needs, safety regulations, and retirement travel is a constant source of satisfaction and joy for us.

When we approach the task that takes up the majority of our active time in life with pride, a sense of challenge, and enthusiasm, it makes for a more full life. The desire to spend our days with greater joy and fun has been incorporated into our company philosophy in keeping with the tradition that has been carried down since the founding of the company. We wish to continue providing a constructive contribution to society with pride and a sense of adventure.

(CEO,Sanni Group)